4 Ways To Add Mini-Games To Your Restaurant Rack Card

When you begin to sell the things that you make, have them look a little more finished and professional by having labels printed for each item you make.

4 Ways To Add Mini-Games To Your Restaurant Rack Card

4 Ways To Add Mini-Games To Your Restaurant Rack Card

1 September 2015
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Drawing new customers in to your restaurant often requires a little thinking outside the box. Along with using traditional methods of advertising like rack card printing, you can take the printed material one step further by enticing customers to grab your card. One way of doing this is by adding mini-games to the rack card. These games can be directly related to your restaurant while providing a little added fun. Not only will the games encourage potential customers to grab the card, but it can also allow them to look at the card more and see everything that your restaurant has to offer. Browse through the following four types of games that can be added to a rack card.

Restaurant & Food Trivia

A simple game to feature on the card is food trivia. People love to play trivia questions. One side of the card can feature the trivia questions while the other side features answers. The ideal questions should relate to the featured foods at your restaurant. For example, if your restaurant sells pizza, then the rack card can feature trivia questions based off of the biggest pizza, pizza history, or toppings all around the world.

Instead of just featuring the answers, you can also entice customers to complete the trivia questions and redeem them at the restaurant for a prize. For example, you can offer a free soft drink with any purchase or a percentage off of the meal. This can make the card more exciting and make customers feel like they have accomplished something.

Scavenger Hunt

If your restaurant caters to children, then you can feature a rack card game that is specifically for them. The card itself can be filled with different hidden symbols and images that a child must find. The symbols should relate to the restaurant and naturally fit in the design of the rack card. For example, if you own a pirate-themed seafood restaurant, various hidden symbols could include a treasure map, treasure chest, shrimp, lobster claw, or a fish.

Work with a printing company to put together the symbols and change the opacity of them so that they blend naturally within the background images.

Coupon Puzzle

It's not uncommon for businesses to feature coupons on rack cards. This is a great way to draw customers in, but you can take things one step further and add a little game element. The surprise coupon puzzle is essentially a coupon for your restaurant that has been scattered into different shapes. To earn the coupon, a person must cut out the pieces and build them together like a puzzle. Once built, the person can tape together the puzzle or simply take an image to claim the coupon.

For extra enticement, you can feature a standard coupon that offers 5% off and then the puzzle coupon for 10% off. This encourages people to build and complete the puzzle.

QR Game Codes

Instead of featuring the game directly on the card, you can include access to a game hosted directly on your restaurant website. Not only will this give people something to do on a computer or wireless device, but it can allow people to explore other parts of your restaurant website like the full menu and online ordering.

There are a number of free game websites that allow you to feature the games on your actual restaurant website. Various food games include cooking games, delivery games, and food puzzle games. Many of the games are quick arcade games that people can play within a couple of minutes.

Once the game is published on your restaurant website, you can generate a QR code for the rack code. This is a unique code that gets printed directly on the card. Using a wireless device, a person can scan the code and instantly load the game from your website.

It's a good idea to limit your rack card design to just one of the game options. This will give you plenty of room to focus on your restaurant features for the rest of the rack card. For more information on rack card printing services, see a site like http://www.m13.com.

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