6 Things To Watch When Buying Custom Labels

When you begin to sell the things that you make, have them look a little more finished and professional by having labels printed for each item you make.

6 Things To Watch When Buying Custom Labels

6 Things To Watch When Buying Custom Labels

26 June 2020
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Custom label printing services make it easy to create branded materials that will make a strong impression. Investing a little time into making a handful of choices, though, can help you maximize the return on the money you'll spend on custom label printing. Here are 6 things you should pay attention to as a customer.

Opaque vs. Clear Materials

The upside to using opaque materials is that they'll guarantee that nothing underneath will mess with how your colors and designs look. Conversely, clear materials can help you highlight the contents inside packages. Opaque is great for boxes, letters, and other items that no one will ever see through, but clear materials serve a specific purpose.

Color Usage

There are several ways to think about color. Your cheapest and simplest option is to not use it, going with black-and-white labels. Customers also can go with full  color, but this can often get confusing, especially if the labels are very small. However, a full-color design can highlight complex graphics or photography on labels.

Spot color represents an in-between solution, where one or two colors are used to grab attention. For example, a company with a blue logo can use a spot color to make their labels more visually interesting.

Font Choices

Readability should always be your priority when selecting fonts. Stay away from script fonts, and focus on simple ones. Not only will this help the recipients of your letters and packages, but it will also make the labels significantly more machinable for services like the post office.

Unusual Shapes

Square labels are boring, but they certainly will do the job. Oddly shaped labels, on the other hand, can have a massive visual impact. For example, a star-shaped label creates a sense of energy and excitement. Mixed with the right color choices, odd shapes can make a label dramatically more fun.

Additional Layers

Fold-out and peel-off content can be especially useful for product packages. These can be used to provide medical indications, ingredient lists, or legalese. Such layers allow you to pack a ton of content into a small area without messing up your outward-facing message and image.


Feel can be a very compelling aspect of a label because people are acclimated to smooth ones. A slightly silky or leathery feel, for example, can pique the holder's interest. Especially if you have a product package that people are going to pick up and look at for a while before making a buying decision, this kind of custom label printing can be a difference-maker.

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