3 Ways To Modernize Shopping Catalogs

When you begin to sell the things that you make, have them look a little more finished and professional by having labels printed for each item you make.

3 Ways To Modernize Shopping Catalogs

3 Ways To Modernize Shopping Catalogs

21 December 2020
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Despite so much shopping done online, business can still reach consumers directly with the use of shopping catalogs. Catalogs offered at your business or through the mail, give you a chance to highlight key products and increase your sales. Instead of just releasing a traditional catalog, you can rely on digital printing solutions to modernize the catalog. Learn three ways to modernize a printed product catalog and offer customers easy ordering options.

1. QR Codes

For every product listed in your catalog, you can add a custom QR code. When scanned by a cell phone camera, a QR code offers instant access to links or online product listings. You can guide a customer directly to a product page with more pictures, reviews, and additional content.

If you want to reward customers, you can offer exclusive links only available through the catalog. The links may offer extra discounts or promotions like free shipping. With the extras, you may encourage customers to spend more time shopping and using the printed catalog.

A QR code could also link directly to a digital video showcasing the features of a product. Videos offer a clearer picture of how a product looks and the size of a product.

2. Hashtags

Allow people to share and spread items from your catalog by listing custom hashtags within the catalog. Hashtags are often added to social media posts to easily spread the word and connect others who share the same hashtag.

The hashtags also offer a way to run contests for your business. When you list a specific hashtag, you can search for the hashtag online and pick a user to win a prize. The search functionality gives you the chance to see how people are using your hashtag and get instant feedback.

3. Text Promotions

For products and catalogs, you can offer a text number printed on various pages. The text feature can allow a customer to order, speak with customer service, and receive options like direct links to products. The texting option is an alternative to the QR codes and creates another way to directly connect with consumers.

Customers can sign up directly for text promotions and receive special offers or promo codes through the service.

Implement one or more of the modern features the next time you decide to create a printed catalog. A digital print company can help you with the design process and give you plenty off options to choose from. Find help from a digital printing company near you, like Eastman Kodak Company, today. 

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